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New Online Banking Features!

The Increase Spending Limit option allows you to up your spending limits for 30 minutes at a time. This will automatically make the limit your total available balance up to $10,000 for 30 minutes. Simply click request increase spending limit just before making a purchase. Your limits will automatically return to normal limits after the 30 minute time frame.

The Report Card Lost/Stolen feature allows you to report a misplaced or compromised card directly from Digital Banking with just a few clicks. You now have 24/7 access to report a lost or stolen card.

The Card Travel Notification feature lets you enter your traveling dates, destinations, and major stops along the way. Our card monitoring service will use this information when monitoring for suspect and anomalous behavior. This reduces abnormal activity flagging for legitimate travel and ensures the card continues working for the user. For added convenience, digital banking users that routinely travel to the same locations can set up an automatic schedule to turn travel notifications off and on.

The Card Transaction Dispute feature allows digital banking users report an issue with a transaction without calling or visiting a branch.

The Change PIN feature gives you the ability to change your debit card PIN at your convenience. You no longer have to wait to receive a new PIN in the mail.

All of these features can be accessed through the website or on our app.
Just log in to your online banking. Click manage cards to open your card, and you will see the new features.